Sun 22 - Fri 27 October 2023 Cascais, Portugal

If you are a presenter please see instructions for presenters page.

Asking for Assistance:

If you have a question, but don’t know where to ask you can:

  • use the #ask-the-organizers channel on Discord, or
  • speak to a member of the organizing commitee

In-Person Attendees


  • A wifi connection will be provided by the hotel for all SPLASH participants.
  • Please contact the registration desk for the connection credentials.

Dietary restrictions

  • Your badges will indicate your dietary restrictions and preferences.
  • Please contact the registration desk in case of any issues.

Social Events

  • Wednesday 25th: Reception

Diversity, equity and inclusion events

More Information Here

  • Wednesday 25th: Job Market Breakfast
  • Wednesday 25th: LGBTQ lunch
  • Thursday 26th: Junior Faculty Breakfast
  • Thursday 26th: URM (Under-represented minorities) lunch
  • Thursday 26th: Women@SPLASH dinner
  • Friday 26th: SIGPLAN-M lunch

Asking questions

  • Each room has dedicated microphones to ask questions. Microphones serve 2 purposes – it ensures:
    1. we record your question clearly; and
    2. people watching on the internet can hear your question.
  • Microphone Etiquette
    • Please make sure you speak into the microphone.
    • What’s a good indicator that you are close enough? If you can see the microphone head while speaking into it, you are too far from it.
    • If you are standing too close, we will run a risk of having an audio feedback loop (annoying high pitched sound through the speakers).
  • If you have trouble handling the microphones, please ask the in-room volunteers for assistance.

Virtual Attendees

Watching the talks

There are two official ways to watch the talks online:

  1. SIGPLAN Youtube Channel
  2. Virtual Live Streams Page

Asking questions

  • Discord (invite link) has a dedicated channel for each event under the “Q&A” category
  • Please ask your questions in the dedicated pre-created post associated to the name of the paper
    • This will make sure the authors and session chairs see it and can answer your question even after the talk.
  • Only text questions are accepted from virtual audience, there is no capability for voice questions