Sun 22 - Fri 27 October 2023 Cascais, Portugal

As a session chair, you are expected to be the orchestrator between volunteers, presenters (virtual and in-person) and audience (virtual and in-person).


  • Please be present 15 mins before your session starts
    • The in-person presenters have been advised to meet you 10 mins before the session.
    • The remote presenters (if any) are advised to join discord channel 10 mins before the session to do a final sound/screen share check.
      • This will ensure we do not lose on time with in-person to remote talk modality switches.
  • There will be 2 volunteers in each room
    • Please make sure you are aware of who they are, if you cannot find them please contact the Volunteer chairs.
    • They have been asked to be present 15 mins before the session
      • To assist presenters for your session, to test slides on the projector screen and do microphone checks
    • One video volunteer will handle all aspects of recording, streaming and speaker sound fine tunings
    • They will be at the tech/sound board
    • The non-video volunteer will assist you for non-tech related activities
    • Eg. they can escalate the AV issues to video chairs, when video volunteer cannot resolve it

During Talks

  • Perform usual duties of time keeping (and avoiding fist fights, if possible).
  • You are the exclusive person who can communicate with the remote presenters through the microphone.
  • In case of sound issues with remote presenters, please use discord text IM feature to communicate with the remote presenter.


  • Q&A from in-person audience is handled as usual via voice using the in-room microphones.
  • Each room has at least 2 microphones
    • One microphone for the speaker
    • At least one microphone for session chair and audience
  • Please ensure that people speak into the mic for it to be captured for recordings and streaming
  • Questions from virtual audience is handled via Discord (text only, no voice).
    • Each talk has a dedicated discussion thread named with the talk name.
    • They are clubbed in the events forum channel (eg. hatra or live, under “Q&A” category)
    • The audience will post their questions in that respective discussion thread.
    • Please read out loud these questions to the presenter and the in-person attendees.
  • It is recommended to use your own device and monitor discord questions.
    • Discord has a web interface and you need not install it on your computer
    • You could alternatively use the laptop used by the video volunteer for emergency purposes.