Sun 22 - Fri 27 October 2023 Cascais, Portugal
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Fluent APIs in Functional Languages

OOPSLA People: Ori Roth, Yossi Gil

… . Our designs support all regular and deterministic context-free API protocols …

Pushing the Limit of 1-Minimality of Language-Agnostic Program Reduction

OOPSLA People: Zhenyang Xu, Yongqiang Tian, Mengxiao Zhang, Gaosen Zhao, Yu Jiang, Chengnian Sun

… problem: finding the globally minimal program is usually infeasible. Thus all … transformations in all existing program reducers including SPRs are not diverse enough … the state-of-the-art languageagnostic program reducer Perses in size in all

Accelerating Fuzzing through Prefix-guided Execution

OOPSLA People: Shaohua Li, Zhendong Su

… Coverage-guided fuzzing is one of the most effective approaches for discovering software defects and vulnerabilities. It executes all mutated tests from seed inputs to expose coverage-increasing tests. However, executing all mutated tests …

Algebro-geometric Algorithms for Template-based Synthesis of Polynomial Programs

OOPSLA People: Amir Kafshdar Goharshady, S. Hitarth, Fatemeh Mohammadi, Harshit Jitendra Motwani

… imperative programs with real variables, i.e. imperative programs in which all … and not at all applicable to this use-case.

In contrast, our main contribution …

User-Customizable Transpilation of Scripting Languages

OOPSLA People: Bo Wang, Aashish Kullori, Ivica Nikolic, Teodora Baluta, Prateek Saxena

… of a given program, but not necessarily for all parts of it. We propose a new …%$ translation accuracy and so it outperforms all existing translators (both handcrafted …

Aliasing Limits on Translating C to Safe Rust

OOPSLA People: Mehmet Emre, Peter Boyland, Aesha Parekh, Ryan Schroeder, Kyle Dewey, Ben Hardekopf

… % to 21% of all pointers). …

Fat Pointers for Temporal Memory Safety of C

OOPSLA People: Jie Zhou, John Criswell, Michael Hicks

… solutions retrofit temporal memory safety to C, but they all either incur high …

Improving Oracle-Guided Inductive Synthesis by Efficient Question Selection

OOPSLA People: Ruyi Ji, Chaozhe Kong, Yingfei Xiong, Zhenjiang Hu

… if it is not only effective for reducing iterations but also efficient. However, all

Proof Automation for Linearizability in Separation Logic

OOPSLA People: Ike Mulder, Robbert Krebbers

… to all these logics, and the use of novel abduction and transformer hints …

Live Pattern Matching with Typed Holes

OOPSLA People: Yongwei Yuan, Scott Guest, Eric Griffis, Hannah Potter, David Moon, Cyrus Omar

… and expression holes. In both cases, this requires reasoning conservatively about all